The PRODUSE methodology provides a robust yet cost efficient approach to the evaluation of the impacts of electrification on micro, small and medium enterprises. It has been tested in different contexts in Benin, Ghana and Uganda .

We invite all organisations who are funding or implementing energy projects to use the methodology for evaluating their own projects and to publish the results on this website. These contributions will help to produce a growing body of evidence-based findings on the nexus between energy, productive use and development impacts.
The PRODUSE Impact M&E Guide gives guidance for the design and implementation of different types of evaluations of the impact of productive use of electricity, ranging from qualitative to rigorous quantitative methodologies. Subsequently, the guide includes three modules: one simpler module based on a short SME survey, one module based on an extended and profound SME survey and one module based on anecdotal case studies.

If you are interested in using the PRODUSE methodology to evaluate your own project or programme, please get in touch with us.


PRODUSE Impact M&E Guide 
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Additional Ressources

PRODUSE Questionnaire for Short Enterprise Survey
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PRODUSE Code Sheet for Short Enterprise Survey
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PRODUSE Data Entry Sheet for Short Enterprise Survey
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PRODUSE Questionnaire for Profound Enterprise Survey
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PRODUSE Code Sheet for Profound Enterprise Survey
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PRODUSE Guidelines for Qualitative Interviews
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