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Project name Energising Development (EnDev) Peru - Collective Access to Energy for Productive Uses
Country/region Peru
Duration 2009-2018
Short Description

EnDev promotes higher productivity among farming producer associations (OPAs in Spanish) through a strategic alliance among regional and local institutions, public-private enterprises and civil society players. The work with farming producer associations is prioritized due to the efficiency of collective access to large-capacity technologies that process total production of small producers in their common collection point.

EnDev provides advisory services to OPAs in order to facilitate access to “Agroideas”, a Ministry of Agriculture compensations program that co-finances OPAs’ business plans, including technology adoption and commercial management.

Technical assistance by EnDev comprises:

  • Organization of inter-institutional round tables aimed at accelerating processes to access incentives granted by Agroideas. To date, two inter-institutional round tables have been organized one in the San Martín Region and one in the Moquegua Region)
  • Capacity building and strengthening for those in charge of formulating Agribusiness Plans through alliances with universities. A five-month diploma will be offered. The final deliverable is preparing business plans about existing OPAs and presenting them before the Agroideas Evaluation Council.
  • Drafting of catalogues with information on technologies appropriate for different production chains, containing information on suppliers and technical specifications of technologies available in the marketplace.
Implemented by

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Funded by

Energising Development
Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture – PCC Programa Agroideas
Regional and Local Governments

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