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Project name Energising Development (EnDev) Kenya – Productive Use of Thermal Energy
Country/region Kenya
Duration 2009-2018
Short Description

Energising Development in Kenya enables the adoption of efficient energy technology by individual enterprises, institutions or groups who engage in food and agricultural processing. Support is provided in the form of awareness raising about the new technology, as well as training in basic business development skills for stove suppliers.

A core activity of the project is to identify restaurants that use three-stone fires, organise forums to raise awareness of the benefits of improved cookstoves (ICSs), and inform people how to access the technology. Technicians trained in the construction of ICSs are also introduced to potential clients during these forums. Once a business owner has decided to acquire an ICS, they can directly approach one of these technicians to place an order.

To provide restaurants with efficient cooking technologies, rocket stoves are distributed. When used correctly, the rocket stove uses up to 60 per cent less firewood than a three-stone fireplace. Additionally, the stoves cook much faster, raising the quality of service and helping to generate more income. Motivated by increased customers due to reduced smoke, some restaurants then attract even more customers by renovating their eating areas with new chairs, tables and tiled flooring.

Implemented by

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Funded by

Energising Development

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