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Project name Energising Development (EnDev) Indonesia
Country/region Indonesia
Duration 2009-2018
Short Description

The EnDev Indonesia project, which is part of the global programme Energising Development, focuses on enhancing the sustainability prospects of micro-hydro power and solar photovoltaic mini-grids in rural Indonesia. EnDev Indonesia thus collaborates closely with public and private rural electrification programmes and provides technical quality inspections, support for infrastructure commissioning as well as capacity development in the beneficiary communities, establishing and training management teams, conducting baseline surveys and encouraging productive use of energy (PUE).

Regarding PUE support, EnDev Indonesia has supported access to electricity for over 1,300 rural micro businesses.

Apart from this general support, the project is also specifically supporting the Ministry of Cooperatives in building capacities in 11 rural cooperatives, which operate businesses with electricity from micro-hydro power plants. This training includes plant operation, maintenance and administration, and general business management.

EnDev complements the practical PUE support with studies aimed at facilitating informed decision-making. To date, this comprises:

  • Initial PUE assessment at selected sites in Sulawesi province. Conducted by an Indonesian NGO, this assessment provided insights into prevailing PUE options in rural Indonesia. (“Survey of Productive Use Potential at Selected MHP sites in Mamasa and Luwu Utara Districts”, April 2011)
  • A PUE database to identify and record generally suitable rural micro-businesses to rural MHP sites in Indonesia in March 2012. The database provides a list of PUE ideas, grouped according to different categories, with the objective of being able to collect ideas from rural communities and present ideas where appropriate. (
  • PUE pilot project to evaluate the impact of small-scale off-the-shelf electrical appliances for 53 rural businesses in 9 villages, connected to a MHP mini-grid. Basis for this pilot project (concluded in 2013) was to test several assumptions regarding approaches for successful PUE programmes. (,_2013).pdf)
Implemented by

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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Energising Development

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