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Project name Regional Program for the Valorisation of the Milk Value Chain through Access to Sustainable Energy Services (PROGRES-Lait)
Country/region Senegal & Mauritania
Duration 2014-2018
Short Description

PROGRES-Lait focuses on the provision of energy services along the value chain of milk in Senegal and Mauritania.

Within 48 months, 100 mini-solar platforms of 400 W will be put in place on the village level to provide more than 2000 small farmers with energy and equipment for grinding, welding, lighting and phone charging. Furthermore, 20 solar platforms of 11.4 kW for the conservation and the pasteurization of milk will be provided to larger industrial producers.

To ensure the durability and sustainability of the program, a micro-financing mechanism will be established. A communication strategy for the information and sensitization of all stakeholders is elaborated.

As the milk production is concentrated in the four following regions, these will be the main areas of intervention:


-       Zone sylvopastorale (Nord)

-       Kolda (South-East)


-       Trarza (Vallée du Fleuve Sénégal)

-       Hodh El-Charghi (South-East).

The program was launched by ENDA Énergie as part of the Initiative Energy Security for Food Security (Initiative Sécurité Énergétique pour la Sécurité Alimentaire - SESAL). Its volume of 6.95 Mio € is mainly financed by the European Union with contributions from Senegal and Mauritania.

Implemented by

ENDA Énergie in Senegal
Ecodev (Eco-développment) in Mauritania 

Funded by

European Union

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