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Project name Energising Development (EnDev) Bolivia – Energy Access
Country/region Bolivia
Duration 2009-2016
Short Description

Firstly, this project targets ‘energy for production’, by improving access to water for irrigation, human and dairy cattle consumption. Small groups of producers (3-4 families) who want to share a gasoline portable pump are supported, as well as bigger groups who use electrical submersible pumps for pumping subsoil water.
Furthermore, this unit is supporting the installation of larger voltage transformers to increase capacity, improve stability of voltage output (220 or 380 V) and facilitate the connection of electrical equipment such as mills, milk cooling tanks, product processing centers, etc.

Secondly, ‘energy for transformation’ supports organized producer families in Bolivia, providing access to modern and efficient technologies, such as solar and hybrid driers, cereal mills, toasting ovens, as well as rice and wheat peeling machines. In this way it contributes to improve the transformation of products, giving them added value that turns into bigger income for the families.

Impacts and outcomes of productive use activities:

  • About 13,500 farmers benefit from irrigation pumps and voltage transformers.
  • Due to irrigation pumps, losses from prolonged droughts are reduced and agricultural products can be harvested earlier.
  • These revenues outweigh the costs of fuel (gasoline) and electricity needed to run the pumps.
  • About 6,400 farmers benefit from efficient peanut toasters, mills, solar dryers and rice and wheat peelers.
  • Enforcement of the technical operation of the mills in several groups (mixed and woman groups).

Coordination and technical support for agreement with Municipal authorities for the execution of productive projects.

Implemented by

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Funded by

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as contributors to the global programmeEnergising Development

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