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Project name Electricity Access Impact Maximization Campaign (E-AIM)
Country/region Uganda
Duration 2015-2017
Short Description

In June 2015 GIZ was commissioned by the Ugandan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) for complementing an EU-financed grid extension programme in West Nile.

The so-called Electricity Access Impact Maximization Campaign (E-AIM) concentrates on mobilizing households, social institutions and SMEs to connect to the grid and hence reap the benefits accruing from electrification in this area.

Productive Use of Electricity (PUE) training is one of the key components of E-AIM, targeting 12 trading centres along the electricity grid in West Nile.

Main components of the PUE-training are:

Identification of opportunities

  • Market study
  • Income generating activities
  • Availability of electric devices and payback periods
  • Financing opportunities

PUE Training

  • PUE business opportunities identification
  • Business planning
  • Basics of business management
  • Acquisition and management of financing
  • Social aspects / mainstreaming topics

Subsidies for electric appliances

  • Up to 50 grants as subsidy for electric appliances whose payback period exceeds 12 months

PUE trainings have started in March 2016 and are envisaged to continue until mid-April. As participants showed a particular interest in cassava and corn mills, future affords might focus on the replacement of diesel powered mills by electric ones. Nevertheless, energy efficiency is a key criterion for the selection of supported technologies. Follow-up and additional advisory are to be provided by GIZ staff as well as Business Development Service providers on the ground.

Prior to the current activities a GIZ predecessor project (2011-2015) implemented a set of complementary measures to promote electrification in Uganda. As part of the grid extension programme the number of connections has been increased through marketing and mobilization as well as awareness raising on the advantages of energy efficiency and safety aspects. Furthermore, the promotion of PUE has strengthened the demand and thereby improved the viability of the distribution lines.

Implemented by

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Funded by

European Union, via KfW

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