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Project name Energy SME Support Programme (ESME)
Country/region Senegal
Duration 2009-2014
Short Description

The ESME programme supported businesses involved in productive use applications for energy. The focus in Senegal was on supporting rural businesses to enhance their productivity and economic activity through the improved provision of energy and investment in productive equipment.

GVEP worked with three dairies, a poultry farm, several agri-processing businesses and two tourist camps. All activities focused on creating solid business plans and training on business management. Although the businesses were already established many were facing significant barriers concerning raising capital and securing loans.

GVEP provided the following technical assistance to low-income businesses and communities:

  • A solar powered cooling tank for storing milk was installed at Latiere Bilaame Pul Debbo. It helps the owner to produce a wider variety of high quality dairy products. The company is now planning to recruit six new staff members including an accountant, a delivery driver and an assistant, increasing the staff number from seven to thirteen.
  • An energy system and transformation unit to power the processing of shea butter was installed in Salémata. The new business (GIE Mun’al) is expected to generate a turnover of 32,000 US$ and help in creating new jobs. More than 400 women are already involved in the business
  • Solar charging stations are developed across Senegal. Such stations allow people to pay to charge various battery dependent devices, predominately mobile phones but also laptops, televisions, small motorcycles and small hairdressing tools.

The Training from GVEP provided entrepreneurs with technical expertise, market knowledge and customer care skills. In addition GVEP facilitated access to micro-finance loans and trained sixty entrepreneurs in repair and maintenance, so that technical issues and damaged equipment (often caused by transportation or heavy rain) could be fixed quickly and at affordable prices.

Implemented by

GVEP International

Funded by

The Government of Russia through the World Bank

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